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Sunday's Service

Every Sunday, across the world, Christians share an agreed three year cycle of Bible Readings in Sunday worship, this is called the Common Lectionary. We offer materials including prayers bible study and worship resources for each one of these Sunday's via our Lectionary Bible Notes Section.

Jesus said become like a childIntroduction

We have all been in queue where you wait and wait and then somebody else seesm to have a priority pass or some special ticket which lets them glide to the front. Perhaps they have paid extra to get a VIP Pass which entitles them to jump to the front. This is the way things work in public transport and the more money you have the better your seats. I get somewhat cross when I see First Class seats empty whilst in the next carriage there are lots of people standing who have bought seats only to find none available!So what is the Kingdom of Heaven like, are there VIP Priority Passes, or First Class seats?

In our reading today we see Jesus setting out some of the ways of the Kingdom and the disciples find it hard. They wanted to have the best positions, the best rewards, first class, or top class positions. They argued among themselves who would be top dog, they wanted to set out their claim to the best seats. Jesus will have none of it and tells them that instead of seeking to be first, they had to start getting used to the idea that in the Kingdom the positions were the other way round. Jesus turned power on it head.

The church has been as bad at this as anybody and we all need to learn the basic lessons. If the disciples are to gain lasting dignity they must be willing to be a servant "to all." They must learn to receive the child in Jesus’ name. At the time of Jesus children were lacking in any power they had no status and they were very vulnerable. The disciple is to be just like that, Jesus says, "welcome the child" into their lives – accept being vulnerable and therefore dependent on God.

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the cross is the way


Each morning and each evening
let the peace of the Father, be ours.
Each day and each night
let the peace of the Son be ours.
Each dawn and each dusk
let the peace of the Spirit be ours.
Let the blessing of the three in one be ours;
both now and for ever. Amen.
Carmina Gadelica