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Christian Teaching

Christian Teaching

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

A series of five talks by The Reverend Ross Royden. These are the manuscripts of five talks originally broadcast on RTHK Radion 4, Minutes that Matter in March 2017

Calvin Introduction

An introduction to Calvin by Rev Ross Royden in audio

Considering the Parables

A study and reflection on parables by Rev Charles Royden

Science and Creation

Professor Alister McGrath (University of Oxford) delivered this lecture in the Babbage Lecture Theatre, Cambridge. The lecture was followed by questions from the audience and later a dinner/discussion at St Edmunds College. A transcript of the lecture and the discussion can be viewed in html or downloaded as a pdf file, and an audio recording of the lecture and questions is also available.

Lenten Studies 2008

Notes from Session 1 of the Lent Course - Amos

Lenten Studies 2007

Charles Royden look at heaven and hell- Lent Course 2007  Session 1

Professor Paul Crossley looks at heaven and hell - Lent Course 2007 Session 2

Professor Paul Crossley looks at heaven and hell- Lent Course 2007 Session 3

Professor Paul Crossley on Poetry Audio File

The Lord's Prayer

A study by The Most Reverend Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Taken with permission from the excellent resources supplied by the BBC

Why bother?

New, read the 'Why bother...'  series of Christian teaching by Tony Windross

Stations of the cross

A powerpoint presentation with recent day photos of Jerusalem by Rev Charles Royden

An artistic presentation by Michael Freeman in powerpoint

What is a Christian?
Do you want to think about what being a Christian really means? This booklet explores what it means to be a Christian and an examination of the basics of Christian belief. Read it online, or download the complete booklet in Adobe format  What is a Christian


What do you believe about God, Jesus, the church? The creeds are expressions of faith developed centuries ago. Are they important now? Do they reflect what you believe? This is a thought-provoking and wide-ranging look at the Apostles' Creed. You can read it online in HTML or PDF format, or save the booklet for offline study.

The Lord's Prayer
Do you ever wonder what prayer is really all about?  This booklet thinks about the Lord's Prayer and discovers important lessons which we can all learn about how we should pray. Lords Prayer  or use Adobe Lord's Prayer in Adobe

Adobe PDF icon    Picturing the Passion
Whatever our background the person of Jesus of Nazareth fascinates. Even people who despair of the behaviour of some of His followers are agreed that no one has done more to transform the world and its history than that one man. Down the centuries believers and unbelievers have struggled to understand His words, written in the Gospels and the Book of Acts. Individuals have encountered Jesus as a living presence in their lives, spoken to Him, loved Him, in prayer and visions. This booklet, developed for Lent 2003, is an aid to thinking about Jesus' Passion by using the words of the Gospels and by looking at works of art which visualise those long ago events. This is available in Adobe only. Picturing the Passion  

Easter 2005 See the 14 Stations of the cross as painted by Michael Freeman.Click here to see the Stations of the Cross as painted Michael Freeman. We are grateful to Michael for allowing us to use these beautiful paintings.

Advent Bible Study Course 2003

Advent Course Lecture 1 by The Reverend Dr Sam Cappleman 'Seeing the Messiah through the Old Testament'

Advent Course Lecture 2 ByThe Reverend Neil Bramble-Chapman. Where did the New Testament come from? See the slides prepared by Neil as presented at our Advent course

Advent Lecture Course 3 By The Reverend Dr Joan Crossley. A fresh look and challenging look at women in the Bible and what it means for us today

Advent Lecture 4 (HTML Web page)By The Reverend Charles Royden. An introduction to Christians ethics and the Bible. Also available in Adobe click here