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Taking time to think .....


Christianity is supposed to make sense, God gave us brains and intelligence, so that we could understand and consider serious issues. Of course we do not have to have a full understanding of everything about the Christian faith before we can share in the good news of Jesus. However we should be able to make space to think about God and spiritual issues.  

I was once told that Christians take their brains out when they go into church. They say things, sing things and pray things which just don’t make sense. How refreshing then to read these essays by Tony Windross, Vicar of St Peter's, Sheringham, who insists on commonsense and honesty.

We are all rushed for time, but it is worth stopping to reflect on serious issues. Why not take some time to read Tony Windross and think through what you really do believe?

Tony Windross engages in a honest and thoughtful consideration of some important Christian beliefs. We hope that you will enjoy his intellectual integrity as well as his excellent humour. is grateful to Tony Windross for allowing us to make his writing more widely available.

1. Why bother to think about God?

2. Why bother to think about prayer?

3. Why bother to think about The Bible?

4. Why bother to think about the creeds?

5. Why bother to think about Heaven and Hell?

6. Why bother to think about Fundamentalism?

7. Why bother to think about miracles?

8. Why bother to think about Holy Communion?

A fuller treatment of this topic, plus 36 others, can be found in ‘The Thoughtful Guide to Faith’ also written by Tony Windross, published by John Hunt (2004) and available from all good bookshops at £9-99.