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Church Prayers and Intercessions

Palm Sunday

Prayers of Intercession Mch. 22nd. 2015

Palm Sunday Communion Service at 9-30 am
(prayers 92.doc) (Palm Sunday)
Isaiah 50: 4-9a. Submit to suffering.
Philippians 2: 5-11. Christ took the nature of an obedient servant.
Mark 11:1-11 The entry into Jerusalem; Hosanna!.

The bidding today will be:- Lord, in your mercy  .
and the response will be: - Hear our prayer.
And afterwards we will sing together the words of the Lord’s Prayer as printed in your order of service.

We pray together using words from the 4th century,
Father God you are beyond all speech, above all thought and surpassing all imagination; when you speak to us may we listen, when you draw near to us may we rejoice in your presence, and when you reveal yourself to us may we come humbly before you in adoration.
(Gregory of Nazianzus 329 – 689)

Lord, in your mercy  - 'Hear our prayer’

As the western church sets out along the last few days to Easter so we pray for all who call this coming week ‘holy’. We remember towns and villages in many parts of the world where there will be great processions and re-enactment of the Easter story and others where fear of violence will mute any outward show of faith. Lord we pray for your worldwide Church in this special time especially for all who serve, tirelessly and competently, in order that the Gospel (the good news) may be proclaimed to all who will listen.

So we pray for our own Methodist Circuit and Anglican Deanery and for our churches here at St. Mark’s and at Putnoe Heights; for all who maintain buildings and gardens and for those who maintain worship, pastoral care and outreach. We pray for Charlie, Jane and Sam that through their leadership and preaching our churches may be places to find friendship, inspiration and guidance - and above all a faith in Christ.

Lord, in your mercy  - 'Hear our prayer’

We live in a more inter-connected world than ever before - such that when tragedy strikes the grief is felt over many borders and across continents.

We pray for the relatives of those lost in the air crash in the French Alps and for those faced with the harrowing and dangerous task of recovery. We pray for those faced with piecing together the preliminary findings amidst the tragic story that is unfolding.

We pray for lives, homes and livelihoods lost in the tiny islands of Vanuatu, a disaster so quickly forgotten by the media. We pray for the work of the Methodist Church in nearby Fiji as they seek to co-ordinate some of the early relief work.

We remember the many victims of the Ebola outbreak, and their families, as the worst seems to be mercifully over and pray that any future similar outbreak will elicit a swifter response from the international community.

As Christ himself was a victim of injustice at the hands of the authorities so we remember all other similar victims worldwide. We pray that courts will not be unduly influenced by political, institutional or over-zealous religious pressures and that un-biased justice be available to all who seek it.

We pray for all victims of civil turmoil and war, especially the civilian populations and those forced to become refugees, often far from home.   We pray now for the country of Yemen as it becomes the latest flashpoint for air-strikes and complex middle-eastern politics.  

We pray for all engaged in humanitarian work in many parts of the world - that they will be given the resources to alleviate the often man-made suffering that despoils your world.

Lord, in your mercy   - 'Hear our prayer’

We pray for our own country and its peoples, for the Queen, her ministers and all who hold authority and power. We pray that the run up to the General, Local and Mayoral elections will be handled with openness and honesty and that through Christ’s love and mercy all may strive in seeking what is right and just for all citizens regardless of origin or status.

We pray for parents whose children have been drawn into extremism and have left their homes to join the war and chaos that is modern Syria. We pray for all parents and children facing new social and media-based pressures. Help them discern what is true and wholesome and to reject that which divides society and damages young lives.   

Lord, in your mercy - 'Hear our prayer’

As we look ahead to the suffering of Christ, both the anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane and the pain and despair on the cross, so we pray for those in most need in our own families and neighbourhood. We remember the sick (in both mind and body), the lonely, the housebound and those facing uncertain futures. We pray for all those who care for and minister to them and we ask that you bestow on these your gifts of patience, compassion and understanding.

We pray now for those that we know who are in some special need at this time as we share a brief moment of silence together.
(A short period of silence and reflection)

As we have named them in our hearts so let them feel your presence and friendship in their lives as we commit them to your loving care.

Lord, in your mercy  - 'Hear our prayer’

We also remember those who have been drawn to their eternal rest and are now in your safe keeping. We pray for those left behind with their grief and memories of times past. Let them know that nothing is more dependable in times of sorrow than your steadfast and encircling love.

For we can be assured that………..

Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, a light which no darkness can quench. We remember those who have died
and we light a candle to symbolise the light of Christ which eternally shines and brings hope.
Today we remember

          Margaret Bond

For you turn our darkness into light; in your light shall we see light.

Lord, in your mercy  - 'Hear our prayer’

A final prayer for ourselves: -
Heavenly Father,
In the days and weeks ahead let us offer
Our hands to do your work;
Our feet to go where you send;
Our eyes to see as you would see;
Our tongues to speak as you would speak;
Our minds to be ever attentive to your will.
And our hearts to both reveal and to share your love.
(Loraine Mellor, Notts. & Derby District Chair)

And so - 
Merciful Father, “Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen”.

(We sing together the words that Jesus taught us)


Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name

Your kingdom come, your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread, forgive us our sins.
As we forgive those who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom the power and the glory are yours,
Now and forever.  AMEN