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Church Prayers and Intercessions

Church Prayers and Intercessions for Ordinary 27

Friends in our Lord Jesus, God calls us to consider the needs of our sisters and brothers, to love our neighbours as ourselves and to love even those who hate us. So we offer our prayers for the church and the world.

  • Lord of the vineyard, rooted and grafted in you, may your church bear fruit to your glory. Nourish and strengthen each one of us so that we might be fit for the purposes which you lay before us.
  • Lord of the vineyard you expect nations to produce the wine of righteousness. Raise up we pray leaders who will promote conditions in which peace and justice might flourish. May our community defend┬áthe poor and weak, the vulnerable and those easily overlooked.
  • Lord of the vineyard, you give all people the ability to choose between right and wrong. Guide us in our moral dilemnas and the challenges which we face. Keep us from evil intent and from sliding into destructive ways.
  • Lord of the vineyard, you prepare wholesome fruit to refresh and revive us. Quench our thirst for wholeness and healing. Restore us in your mercy and bring us to declare your glory.
  • Lord of the vineyard you hold before us the cup of salvation. Raise up all who have died that their eternal salvation may be found in your forgiveness which surpasses our understanding. May we also with them come to share in the new wine of your kingdom.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.