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Intercessions for Ordinary 24


Let us pray

Father, as we bring to you our prayers of intercession, we ask you to open our ears to hear your voice, open our eyes to behold your glory, open our hearts to receive your grace, open our lips to show forth your praise.

Father on this summer Sunday, we thank you for the refreshment which summer and our holidays
bring. For the excitement of anticipation and planning, for the freedom from routine and for new experiences and opportunities.
You have given us a wonderful world that wherever we go,
whether at home or abroad, we are surrounded by things which please our eyes and open our minds.
Help us to use the summer and our holidays to see your glory in creation. Help us to use our freedom to understand more clearly the fullness of life you are constantly offering us.
Accept our thanks for the rich variety of life which is your gift and when our holidays are over, help us to return to our homes safely, refreshed with a new vision of your will for us.


Father, we praise you that you came to this world to bring peace on earth. We pray that the leaders of the Nations and people everywhere may turn to you, the Prince of Peace. So that war and terror, cruelty and hatred may end and peace and justice, kindness and love may reign.
Our thoughts today are especially with the people of Lebanon and Israel caught up in violence and a conflict which continues unabated, we think also of those in our own country and abroad who strive to stop further loss of life through the prevention of terrorist activity. We pray that you will give courage and wisdom to all, to do what is right and to act in accordance with your will.


We pray for all those who are suffering, the woman with cancer, the new mother coping with post natal depression, the bereaved, the man unable to find work, the thousands of children who still die every day from hunger and disease. Father, we pray that you will surround the frightened with your tenderness, give strength to those in pain, hold the weak in your arms of love and give hope and patience to those on the road to recovery.
Jesus Christ is the light of the world, a light which no darkness can quench. We remember before God, those who have died and light a candle to symbolise the light of Christ, which eternally shines and brings
hope. We remember:

You turn our darkness into light, in your light shall we see light.


Father as we go out from your house today, we rejoice in your love for us. Lead us into this coming week,
knowing that you are close by us, keep us from making mistakes and help us never to disappoint you. When we face hard decisions or difficult work, when we enjoy ourselves and have fun with others, may we know that you share all these times with us and may we be ready to tell others about you and your son Jesus Christ, our Saviour in whose name we pray.