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Prayers for Ordinary 18

Prayers by Mr Ian Farthing

Prayers of Intercession August 3 2009

Heavenly Father as we come before we give you thanks for those whose influence has led us to come to worship in this place this morning. We remember family members, Sunday School teachers, Church Leaders, friends and colleagues who have encouraged us to follow in the Christian way.

We give thanks for the fellowship which we find in this church which supports us as we seek to put our faith into practice in our daily lives. Strengthen us, Lord, in your service, so that we, in our turn, may be an encouragement to others.

We pray for your church at St. Mark's and at Putnoe Heights. Keep always before us the vision of church communities where people of different church backgrounds will work and worship together harmoniously and where those who seek to know more about the Christian faith will find a welcome.

We pray today for Deacon Jane and look forward to her joining us in the Partnership churches. Give us all a clear understanding of the work you have set before us and may our witness in Brickhill and in Putnoe continue to grow.

Father many members of this church will have the opportunity to go away on holiday this summer and we pray that this has will be a time of rest, reflection and recreation for all. We remember all those whose lives are much more difficult than ours, especially those who live in poverty and hunger and have no escape from the daily pressures of their lives, We pray that you may relieve their distress and make known to us ways in which we can help them. Lord in your mercy

Father we pray for the peoples of the world and their leaders. We pray for all who offer their services in the leadership of the affairs of the world that they may uphold what is right for the peace and survival of mankind. We pray particularly at this time for peace in all countries of the world, where violence, war and terrorism are taking place. We remember especially today our own armed forces and we pray for the young lives taken this week on the battlefield in Afghanistan. We ask you to purify the minds and attitudes of those involved in bringing violence and terrorism to the world and pray that the world know Christ's peace without which society loses its direction and ignores a deep desire for all men to live in unity with each other. Lord in your mercy

Father we pray for those who are sick, especially those whose illness is long term and demands much patience to bear. We remember before you those who are lonely and depressed and pray that we may be good listeners when friends and neighbours need us. Give us the right words to comfort and help us to know what simple acts of kindness may help someone else. We ask you to strengthen with your presence those who suffer in body, mind or spirit and give them courage and hope in their troubles. We think of those we know who are in special need of our prayers at this time and in a moment of silence we now name them in our hearts. Lord in you mercy

Father we remember before you those who have died and those whose anniversaries fall at this time. Give strength to all of those who are left to grieve and help us to share each other's sorrow.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world, a light which no darkness can quench. We remember before God those who have died, and light a candle to symbolise the light of Christ which eternally shines and brings hope. We remember - Malcolm Campbell You turn our darkness into light, in your light we see light. Lord in your mercy

Father God lastly we pray for ourselves, as we go out of your house today and as we start the week ahead, we pray that in all we do, we may we walk more closely with you, aware that you are always at our side. Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.