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Church Prayers for Second Sunday before Lent

Prayers for Mothering Sunday by Mr Ian Farthing

The bidding for our prayers is Lord in your Mercy and the response is hear our prayer

Let us pray

Heavenly Father we bring to you in our prayers today all whom we love, for our family, our friends and our neighbours.
Help us all to live so that we may strengthen and enrich the life of the family, help us to build with you the kind of family which welcomes the stranger, the lonely and the needy.
On this special day we remember that all through our lives we have reason to be thankful for our mothers.
When we are babies they do everything for us and spend much of their time feeding us and keeping us warm, safe and clean.
When we are children they teach us, help and comfort us sharing our hobbies and our ideas, encouraging us and keeping us happy
When we marry and have families of our own they still support us , advise us and share our troubles and our joys
When they grow old themselves they still love and care about us, though they may be weak and tired.
We thank you heavenly father for our mothers, for all they have done for us and pray that the love they show for us may be reflected in the way that we show our love for others and in the way we each strive to live our lives according to your will

Lord in your mercy

Father we pray for the children you have committed to our care in this church, and we pray especially for Annabelle Ada Old baptized here today, and ask that you give her Parents and Godparents wisdom as they seek to encourage her in the ways of generosity, right and love so that she may follow Jesus Christ and freely chose to serve him. 

Lord in your mercy
Heavenly Father we remember that whist we celebrate Mothers Day today there are those who do not feel happy, those who are sick, those who are sad, lonely, or away from their families, those families where there is conflict, Father we place each of them in your gentle hands that they may know the comfort, reconciliation and peace which your love brings.

Father we pray for those whose hearts are saddened by the death of someone close and dear to them , be with them , give them strength in the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the light of the world a light which no darkness can quench we remember before God those who have died and light a candle to symbolise the light of Christ which eternally shines and brings hope
You turn our darkness into light in your light shall we see light.

Lord in your mercy
Merciful father Accept these prayers for the sake of you son our Saviour Jesus Christ