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Church Prayers and Intercessions

Church Prayers and Intercessions

Prayers on Lent 1

14 February 2016

Lord Jesus today we recall your testing in the wilderness and the temptations which you faced to pursue a path which led away from obedience to God and towards your own glory and satisfaction. You know the temptations which we face to satisfy our own desires and place self gratification before service of you. May we use our freedom as your children to take responsibility for our own light and darkness. Give us the strength of your Holy Spirit to sustain us as we seek to worship you with all of our heart and soul and strength.

We are reminded today of how you used scripture to give you strength to be faithful and true. Grant to us O Lord, a love of your word to bring us to fullness of faith and a firmness of hope and trust in your promises. As we rejoice in the generosity of your love to us, may we sit loosely to our possessions and be willing to give ourselves in the service of others.

Lord Jesus we know that the path of evil leads to suspicion, division and hatred. We pray for the nations of the world, divided by fear and more willing to hurt than heal. Kindle in our hearts the knowledge of your love for all people, the ability to think well of others and the willingness to extend your compassionate hands to those in need. Teach us to confront darkness within and without by becoming those who shine in our deeds the light of Christ.

We thank you Heavenly Father for your protection and care for us and we place into your care those who are in need and those who suffer. May your loving kindness be known in their hearts as we commend them to you safe keeping. In the midst of pain, suffering and evil help us to trust in your salvation and speak your word of truth to dispel the darkness and keep aflame the light of faith.