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Intercessions for the Seventh Sunday after Easter By Mr John Stubbs

The bidding for our prayers today is Lord in your mercy and the response is “Hear our prayer”
Let us pray.

We bring before you Loving Father our cares and concerns for your world, praying in the name of him to whom we have been entrusted, Jesus Christ our Brother and Saviour.

Loving Lord, whose will and desire is that all your children may be one, we pray now for your church throughout the world, and for all who bear the name of Jesus. Despite their differing beliefs, may they show the world that quality of life which Jesus came to show us and that love of which he was the great example. May that love embrace all who own Jesus as Lord, whatever their race or sex, whatever their style of life.
Give your strength, courage and wisdom to all who are called to lead your people. We pray especially for Joan, Charlie and Sam, for Martin and Jacqueline and for all who exercise stewardship in the churches of Bedford.
Bless the work of Christian Aid and keep us mindful always of the challenges which Jesus brings us, to help the poor and needy and to act justly and wisely in your world.
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

Loving Father whose will and desire is that your world my be the kingdom of heaven here on earth, we pray for that world divided by strife and faction, by war and want, by our restless inhumanity to one another. Bring peace to all those troubled parts of your world, and we pray especially for Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Darfur, Chechnia, Palestine and wherever else men of violence seek to impose their will on others. Give wisdom and judgement, courage and selflessness to all who lead the nations.
In our own land, help us to work to make our society a fairer one in which all may share in the riches which some enjoy and may feel truly part of this nation. We pray especially for the strangers within our gates – those many workers who have come among us looking to find a better life. May they be welcomed and not exploited.
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

Loving Father we pray for all who are in particular need, the sick and sorrowing, the lonely and the distraught, those tormented in body or mind, those for whom life has no meaning, or who have lost what meaning it once had. May your blessing rest on all who need you, and all those whose lives are dedicated to helping them. May we be always willing and able to do what we can whenever we can for those in need whose lives touch ours. We pray for those who mourn and we remember with gratitude the lives of those who now see Jesus the light of our world face to face. As we light a candle we remember today, and think of them and their families. In Jesus we see the true light, and in his light we too shall see light.
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

Loving Creator whose will and desire is that all your creation should be one, we pray for the world and remember with sorrow the ways in which we have despoiled it. May we use the resources you have given us wisely so that all men and women may share in the bounty which this earth provides.
Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

Loving God, make us one that the world may know Jesus Christ. We gather up our prayers as we sing the Lords Prayer.