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Intercessions for the Second Sunday after Easter By Mr Mike Elliott

1. ACTS 5: 27 - 32 Apostles appear before the Sanhedrin
2. REV 1: 4 – 8 I am the Alpha & the Omega.
3. JOHN 20: 19 – 31 Jesus appears to the disciples

The bidding for our prayers will be ‘Lord in Your Mercy’
With the response ‘Hear our Prayer’.

After these prayers of intercession we shall sing together the Lord’s prayer as printed on your Order of Service.

Heavenly Father, Lord of all creation, Lord of the empty tomb. We marvel at the work of your hands and often frustrated at the frailty of our own as we endeavour to put your will for us it into action. So we come before you to ask our prayers and petitions in the name of Him whom you sent for our Salvation even Jesus Christ.

We pray for your Church, constantly adapting to an ever changing world whilst holding on to and proclaiming what is timeless and universal. Let it never lose its vision of establishing your kingdom here on earth, that it may use every opportunity to speak boldly of the truth that is of a risen Lord and Saviour of all. And let it find unity in doing your will.

Bless the work of this Church and of our Sister church in Putnoe and of our ministers Charlie Joan and Sam and all who hold office in leadership, guidance and counselling roles. Bless the work of the many groups who meet here week by week that those who pass through our doors may discover a friendship and fellowship that only comes from the love of Christ.

Lord in Your mercy. - 'Hear our prayer’

We pray for peace in your world. As the bombings, kidnappings and murders in Iraq continue with no obvious signs of improvement we can but pray for those who have political, religious or military influence that a way to a just and lasting peace can be found.

So we remember all who work for peace between peoples and nations that they can draw inspiration from the life of Christ and so restore harmony where there once was discord and conflict. We remember also the complex situation in Darfur, the war in Afghanistan, the sour relations with Iran and the continued unrest in Palestine. And we remember and pray for the journalist Alan Johnston, kidnapped in Gaza over a month ago, that he will be released soon.

We remember and pray for our own armed forces faced not only with military danger but the effects of extremes of climate in a harsh unforgiving environment far from home and loved ones. As they act in our name we pray for a time soon when they can all come home.

We pray for the survivors and the victim’s families, of the recent oil-tug loss in the waters off the Shetland Isles. Help us remember that the energy for our homes and cars that we take for granted often comes at a high price.

Lord in Your mercy. - 'Hear our prayer’

We pray for this our nation, especially for those both in national government and local councils and faced with the task of making difficult decisions which will affect us all. We pray that all our elected leaders or appointed officials will always work together for the good of all sections of the community with wisdom, humility and justice.

We thank you and pray for those who, in following your example, show concern and compassion to others. And we pray also for our own Methodist and Anglican organisations, working with children and YP, the elderly and with our brothers and sisters in developing countries. May those who give of their love to others know of your un-ending love in their own lives also.

As we rejoice with our Sikh neighbours in Bedford at the opening of their new Temple we pray for all who promote racial, cultural and religious dialogue and harmony in our ever more diverse society.

Lord in Your mercy. - 'Hear our prayer’

Lord Jesus, comforter and healer to those in both physical, mental and spiritual need we bring before you those known to us personally who are in that need at this time. We name them in our hearts in a moment of silence and are emboldened to ask that your healing touch may be felt in their lives (silence).

All these we hold up to you and commit to your loving care.

Lord in Your mercy. - 'Hear our prayer’

We thank you Lord for the opportunities in the life of our church to offer support and comfort to the bereaved. And so we pray for those who face that pain of grief at the loss of a loved one; for we can boldly claim that: -

Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, a light which no darkness can quench. We remember before God those who have died and light a candle to symbolise the light of Christ which eternally shines and brings hope.
Today we remember: -
Betty Munkham
PC Mark Nicholson
Barbara Marie Gayle
You turn our darkness into light; in your light shall we see light.

Lord in Your mercy. - 'Hear our prayer’

A final prayer for ourselves:
Risen Lord as we go out into the world we ask no more than that you walk with us each day along our own Emmaus road and open our eyes to the vision you have for each one of us.

Let our faith in your resurrected glory be like that of Thomas so that we too can declare my Lord and my God.

Merciful Father, “Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen”.

Gathering our prayers and praises into one as we sing the Lord’s Prayer together.

(Modern Form)
Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come, your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread, forgive us our sins.
As we forgive those who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom the power and the glory are yours,
Now and forever. Amen