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23rd June 2002

Lord God, Your servant Jeremiah spoke your words in the face of great opposition and at personal cost. He fearlessly obeyed your call upon his life and challenged that which he knew to be wrong. May we be as steadfast in our obedience to you and willing to forsake our own peace and security in the pursuit of your truth and justice.

Lord, in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Heavenly Father, each generation has its wickedness and sin, both personal sins and institutional corruption. May we in our time open our eyes to that which is contrary to your ways and open our minds to your possibilities for our world and our lives.

Lord, in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Help us to understand Lord God, that transformation and change will not bring about a quiet life. May we be mindful that you challenge us to be prophetic and not popular. As we try afresh to look at your world through your eyes may we recognise that there is no price which is too great for the privilege of serving you. Send us out as your disciples to copy the life of Christ.

Lord, in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

As we gather together today we acknowledge that there are many concerns which trouble our hearts and minds. We recognise Heavenly father that you care for us deeply and know us intimately. So we place into your hands those things which disturbs us.

Lord, in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

We pray for those who are dear to us and who are in any kind of need. In a moment of silence we speak quietly our own prayers as we bring before God those for whom we are concerned.

Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, 
a light which no darkness can quench

We remember before God those who have died and light a candle to symbolise the light of Christ which eternally shines and brings hope. 

picture of candle

You turn our darkness into light,
in your light shall we see light.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bible Readings and Notes and sermon: Prophecy, for 23rd June 2002.

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