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Putnoe Heights: 30th December 2001

God, who became as we are, may we become as you are.   
After William Blake (1757-1827)

For the huge risk you took in becoming human in order to bring out the best in us,
we praise you.

For the huge risk you took in entrusting yourself to us and sharing our vulnerability,
we praise you.

For the incalculable risk you took in emptying yourself and allowing yourself to be abused and killed to free us from the power of eveil,
we praise you.

Holy Child of Bethlehem,
    whose parents found no room in the inn,
    we pray for all who are homeless.

 Holy Child of Bethlehem,
    born in a stable,
    we pray for all who are living in poverty.

Holy Child of Bethlehem,
    rejected stranger,
    we pray for all who are lost, alone, all who cry from loved ones.

Holy Child of Bethlehem,
    whom Herod sought to kill,
    we pray for all in danger, all who are persecuted.

Holy Child of Bethlehem,
    a refugee in Egypt,
    we pray for all who are far from home.

Holy Child of Bethlehem,
    in you the Eternal was pleased to dwell,
    help us, we pray, to see the divine image in people everywhere.

In your name we offer this prayer.
David Blanchflower.

O God we thank you for the message of peace that Christmas brings to our distracted world. Give peace among nations, peace in our land, peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts, as we remember the birth at Bethlehem of the Prince of peace, Jesus Christ our Lord, who is the Light of the world.

O God of Peace, you fill our hearts with hope at every Christmastide, for we remember again that this is the world that you have loved. May that hope, peace and joy fill our hearts this night.
Wesley Ariarajah

 Bible Notes and Readings  for 30th December 2001

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