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fountain at St Mark's St Mark's Church Garden of Remembrance

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We are especially proud of our Garden of Remembrance at St Mark's Church. This provides a place for interment of cremated remains in a consecrated place of rest. We also have a beautiful memorial wall upon which plaques are fixed commemorating the lives of loved ones. This page describes our garden and gives details about interments, memorials and flowers. Another page gives helpful information for those who have suffered bereavement, including prayers and readings as well as practical advice. There is also advice for those wishing to establish a Garden of Remembrance in their own church.

The Garden is always open and we welcome visitors. Security lighting illuminates the whole garden during the hours of darkness. CCTV covers the site, with infra-red monitoring at night.

St. Mark’s Churchyard Committee
Enquiries: Mary Stubbs, tel: 01234 406784, or Church Office, tel: 01234 342613

These pictures show the Garden of Remembrance at St. Mark’s. Built in 1992 after careful consultation with experts and landscaping contractors it is now a place specially designed for interment of ashes. With a fountain and many beautiful plants the Garden is a welcoming environment for those remembering a loved one. Access is easy for wheelchairs throughout the Garden.

Garden of Remembrance


Over the past few years we have seen the Garden at St Mark's grow and develop and become a treasured place. Many people have valued the opportunity to be buried in consecrated ground and the security which this gives. Once buried in consecrated ground your remains will not be removed after a number of years and the land will not be used for another purpose.

Consecration provides the most protection available in English law that your loved ones will not be disturbed.

St Mark’s Church has built a magnificent granite columbaria to offer interment in a consecrated vault. Each vault will accommodate up to four sets of ashes and a plaque can be inscribed with a suitable words in memory of the person who has died.

The columbaria was consecrated in June 2007 and offers the unique quality of exclusive rights of burial in perpetuity. In commercial cemeteries families are usually offered rights for a period of time, perhaps 40 years, after which the ashes are removed and the vault sold to somebody else. St Mark’s can guarantee that the remains of our loved ones will rest undisturbed for all time. Now our loved ones really can Rest in Peace.

The picture shows the inscribed granite plaques on which the names are recorded of people whose ashes are buried at St Mark's. The individual plots are sufficient for the burial of two wooden caskets. Once buried they will remain in place for ever. There is no lease arrangement of 50 or 70 years as this is consecrated ground.
The most beautiful garden in Bedford The Garden has been designed to produce quiet reflective areas of beauty, where you can stop and sit on the benches.
Memorial fountain in memory of Mary Taylor The Garden has some special features, often donated in memory of a loved one. This beautiful fountain shares the same technology provided for our other water features, it is activated as you pass, so that it is 'always on.'
Water feature in the Garden Water features are a special part of our Garden. This one holds a secret, it is home to frogs which are welcome friends in our Garden as they eat slugs. We provide a special frog ladder to help the frogs in and out of the water tank under the huge Sandstone millstone which was imported from India.
The Garden is never closed and there is always a quiet corner in which to sit
memorial wall plaque The memorial wall is located in the garden extension which was consecrated in 2003.
Memorial wall plaques You may have a plaque inscribed in memory of a loved one who has died. Even if a person is buried They may be buried elsewhere, we will be pleased to arrange an inscription.


floral tributes You are invited to leave floral tributes on the individual memorial stones. These are taken in each evening to avoid the Garden becoming overcrowded or untidy. The flowers are placed on our prayer table in the foyer of the church.

St Mark's has now also established a woodland burial site at Keysoe in Bedfordshire.

Click here for more details

St Albans Woodland Burial Trust

More photographs

water feature

water feature

Chapman Breen water feature

Plots for interment

Commemoration plaque

Garden of Remembrance

Plots for interment of cremated remains

The Garden extension area

Pergolas in the Garden

We love our flowers

The Memorial Wall




Light In Our Darkness


Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life. John Chapter 8:12


Lighting a candle of prayer

Each Sunday we light a candle and remember in prayer people who have died and pray for them and their loved ones. Why do we light a candle? The candle represents the light of Christ which eternally shines and brings hope. Jesus Christ is the light of the world, a light which no darkness can quench.

  • Lighting a candle is a prayer: When we have gone it stays alight, kindling in the hearts and minds of others the prayers we have already offered for them and for others.
  • Lighting a candle is a parable: burning itself out it gives light to others. Christ gave himself for others. He calls us to give ourselves.
  • Lighting a candle is a symbol: of love and hope, of light and warmth. Our world needs them all.

You turn our darkness into light, in your light shall we see light.

If you would like us to light a candle in our chapel for you in remembrance of a loved one please email us and we will be pleased to pray for you. You are also welcome to attend our service of commemoration of the souls of the faithful departed each year on the first Sunday in November. Please contact us for further details.

e-mail us at: