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Open House LogoSt Mark's Open House

St Mark’s Church recognises the difficulties which some people have experienced in trying to access personal budgets.

St Mark’s has always considered community service to be of high importance and there is a strong commitment to provide community based services for people with learning disabilities at St Mark’s Church Community Centre.

In considering our future plans, St Mark’s has determined that it is imperative that a free service be offered to all clients. It is apparent that it is only by such a model that St Mark’s will be able to retain it’s commitment to people with disabilities, their families and carers.

  • Open every Wednesday from 10.00am - 2.00pm
  • No need to book, just turn up
  • Available free of charge to all who wish to access the service.
  • Great for people with learning disabilities friends, family, carers and supporters.
  • Open House will also welcome others who would value the accepting nature of the group, including those who have additional physical difficulties.

Open House is a service provided by volunteers. If you would like to get involved, then please contact St Mark’s Church Community Centre office.