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St Mark's Church Community Centre, BedfordSt Mark's Church Worship

A personal invitation to you

At St Mark’s Church we believe Christians should put differences to one side and worship together, whatever their church background, or lack of one! We welcome everybody to join us in worship and we extend to you a very warm welcome.

Increasingly people are finding faith in God important for their lives. The Christian message makes sense of life and gives meaning to our world. At times of sadness it is a great comfort to share together in God's goodness. Stress and strains from perhaps relationship, bereavement or family problems are always easier to deal with in the context of the Christian family of faith. The Church is the right place to choose for those happy occasions such as a wedding, baptism or christening of a child. We welcome all who wish to consider baptism or marriage and copies of our booklets for each are available from the Church. If you believe that there really is more to life and wish to learn about God and his love for us through sharing with others - then St. Mark’s is the place for you! At St. Mark’s there is no pressure to conform to a religious mould, you are free to grow and to be the kind of person that God made you to be. We are all one in Christ Jesus.

What is this church like?

St Mark’s Church welcomes people from a wide variety of church backgrounds as well as many people who have come to church for the first time. Our services are varied and try to keep a balance between the traditional and more recent influences. Our music too includes well known hymns as well as contemporary songs and choruses. Whatever your preferences you can be sure you will find something for you.

The interior of St Mark's ChapelThere are many reasons why people do not come to church and if you have been away from the Church for some time, then it may take a determined effort to come back. However the effort will surely be worthwhile. Whatever the reason may have been for not coming along, we can assure you that the Church family at St. Mark's looks forward to welcoming you. Please feel able to speak with us personally if you would like to know more.

About our Ministers

Details of our services







Children and worship Youth and Children's Activities


Storybox  For children aged 0-5years and their parents and carers

This takes place every Thursday from 12.00pm for an hour of singing, stories, and activities, with lunch provided.

Junior Church

Takes place during the main Sunday morning service and the children enjoy a wide variety of activities related to the Bible readings. Painting, drama, and lots of making friends !

The Chapel

Whilst the Community Centre is busy every day of the week there is also a beautiful chapel open for private prayer with stained glass windows by Joseph Nuttgens, whose work may also be found in the Royal Chapel at Windsor and Durham Cathedral. Many people stop at the chapel when they come to visit the exquisite Gardens of Remembrance.