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notre dame montreal

Picture of woman prayingPrayer and spiritual guidance

We would be pleased to

  • pray for you
  • offer helpful support in times need
  • enable you to share your burden confidentially to an ordained minister/priest
  • Jesus encouraged his disciples to pray and to share in praying together with others.
  • Do you have something or somebody who you would like us to remember in our prayers?
  • If you would like us to respond to a personal situation tell us your E-mail address and we will try to respond to you quickly
  • If you would prefer - simply leave your Christian name no contact will be made but we will pray for you.

Your message will be delivered confidentially to the personal mail of one of our ordained ministers


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians

To preserve confidentiality we will reply but only if you enter an E-mail address here


representation of prayer as seed growing

"Prayer is a plant, the seed of which is sown in the heart of every Christian.
If it is well cultivated and nourished it will produce fruit, but if it is neglected, it will wither and die."
Teach us, Lord, to hope in you,
for you are the source and fount of all creation.
Open our hearts to know you,
who alone are the highest and most holy.
Grant us, Lord, your help and protection.
Save the afflicted, raise the fallen,
reveal yourself to the needy, heal the sick,
and bring home your wandering people.
Feed the hungry, set free the captive,
support the weak, comfort the faint-hearted.
Most merciful Lord,
forgive us our sins and offences,
our errors and shortcomings.
Do not hold our sins against us, but make us clean.
Guide us in all that we do,
so that we may walk in holiness of heart,
and our actions may be pleasing in your sight.
Show us the light of your face in peace;
shelter us by your mighty hand,
and save us from all wrongdoing by your outstretched arm.
Give to us, and to all people, peace and harmony.
Make us obedient to your almighty and glorious name
and give us a proper regard for those in authority on earth.
Grant to them health, peace and security, that they may exercise,
and not abuse whatever authority you have given them.
The high priest and guardian of our souls.
Through him be glory and majesty to you
now and for all generations through all ages.

St Clement of Rome (d. c.lOO)

If you would like to visit our chapel at St. Mark's it is open every day during daylight hours. You may also wish to light a prayer candle and perhaps visit the Garden of Remembrance. The garden is beautifully maintained throughout the year and is a special place in which to find quiet and peace.