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Church Prayers and Intercessions

Church Prayers and Intercessions for Ordinary 32

The bidding for our prayers will be ‘Lord in Your Mercy’ With the response ‘Hear our Prayer’

Heavenly Father we constantly stare in wonder at the universe that you have caused into being and of which we understand just a fraction. In the presence of such power and majesty we bring our prayers for others. Help us now as we seek your guidance and strength into doing your will as lived out and revealed to us by your Son even Jesus Christ our Saviour and King.

Lord we pray for your worldwide Church, help us never to despair at our increasingly fractured society. We pray for wisdom for their leaders especially when they are faced with difficult decisions concerning resources and state policy. We pray for our church and for each one of us as we seek to promote outreach into the community and maintain our life of worship and service. We pray that through the example of Christian living in your church family we may be guided in the ways of Christian discipleship.

We pray for a world of nations and factions seemingly forever in conflict. We see the subjugation and murder of those who do not accept extreme ideologies. We read of rulers who continue to ignore the wishes of their peoples for rights and freedoms and who only seek to protect their own power and position. We pray for men and women among darkness and chaos who know that mediation and dialogue can break down seemingly impenetrable barriers. And that education can bring greater understanding and tolerance where there once was ignorance and hatred. So we pray, in the name of the Prince of Peace, for peacemakers and arbitrators, educators and facilitators and for all those who are prepared to stand up for justice and freedoms.

We pray for our armed forces today especially those who are engaged in action and we remember their loved ones back home.

We pray for our own country and its peoples, for the Queen and all who hold authority and power that through Christ’s love and mercy all may strive in seeking what is best for all our citizens regardless of origin or status. we pray for those engaged in the election, that truth would be heard and all would seek the common good. 

We pray now for those that we know who are sick, lonely, anxious or in some other special need at this time as we share a brief moment of silence together. As we have named them in our hearts so let them feel your presence and friendship in their lives as we commit them to your loving care - and may we be always alert to the needs of others.

We also remember those who have been drawn to their eternal rest in your safe keeping – some with a life fulfilled and some with a life cut tragically short. We pray for those left behind, may they know that nothing is more dependable in times of sorrow than your steadfast and encircling love.