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Church Prayers and Intercessions

Church Prayers Trinity Sunday 2021

As a church family we unite our prayers together this week on Sunday & Wednesday.
Here are some suggested themes to guide us in our prayers.


As our lives become less restricted, we think about the effects the pandemic is having on the mental health of so many people. We pray;

  • For children and young people struggling with the effect on their young lives of social isolation, interrupted educations and concerns about their futures; For teachers, counsellors and those working in children’s mental health services.
  • For adults of all ages coping with loss of employment, bereavement, loneliness, ill health, lack of confidence and anxiety.
  • For families struggling with conflict, worry, financial insecurity and the demands of daily life.
  • For health and community workers in mental health teams providing support, advice and treatment whilst faced with increasing demand for their services; For the Samaritans and Child line and all organisations offering.
  • For ourselves that we may be watchful for those in mental distress and be prepared to lend a listening ear.


Our planet is struggling under the burden of the impact of humankind. We see devastating weather events, a damaged and fragile environment and God’s creatures threatened with extinction. We unite our prayers with all people of faith and pray:

  • For all scientists, activists and volunteers working to save our environment, it’s flora and fauna
  • For mutual cooperation between governments to reduce harmful emissions and curbing our wasteful ways of life
  • For disaster relief organisations helping in times of fires, floods and storms
  • For those working in captive breeding programmes to enable the continuation of endangered species; for those whose job is to stop poaching and the illegal trade in animals
For ourselves that we may play our small part in restoring our wonderful planet in the daily actions we take

Mike & Janet Warren