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Let's begin with some advice to parent and families about the internet Internet advice

This section of the site is intended to draw to your attention some of the vast range of Christian resources available on the Internet and to encourage people to grow in their faith. If you know of a site that is particularly useful, or if there is a type of Christian information which you have found particularly difficult to locate, please drop a line to Your comments will be valued!

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Methodist Homes for the Aged

Coming soon to Brickhill, Bedford

MHA operates throughout Britain, providing Care Homes, housing and support services, with a particular emphasis on the quality and meaning of life for older people. The organisation supports more than 6,500 older people in residential and nursing care homes, specialist dementia care homes, sheltered housing schemes and community projects. MHA benefits from the dedication of 3,500 staff and more than 5,000 volunteers.



Constructing Websites

You may find this site useful for checking your metatags



Sacred Space


Classic Christian books in electronic format. The works are public domain and can normally be copied freely. Formats include MP3 audio, digital facsimile, Palm Docbook, Microsoft Reader, and ThML (XML). Converting the material to electronic formats is all done by volunteers. You can contribute by, for example, proofreading or translating.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library


gives links to tens of thousands of Audio Sermons, Bible Studies and Radio Programs.

Hear the

Church Denominational Bodies


Church of England


Diocese of St Albans


Methodist Church launches podcast!

Methodist Church


Arnolds provided assistance in the production of the booklet, available on this site: 'It's your funeral', which gives guidance about thinking ahead concerning your wishes for your own funeral.

Arnolds Funeral Service


Insurance and Financial Services

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group  

Clergy Tax and Investments

A firm which specialises in dealing with the taxation matters of clergy of all denominations.

Peter Chalkco


'We believe in life before death' - Christian Aid works in over 60 countries helping people, regardless of religion or race, to improve their own lives and tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

Christian Aid


CBM is the world's leading agency working towards the prevention and cure of blindness in developing countries. It is dedicated to serving eye patients, blind and other disabled people in the developing world, irrespective of nationality, race, gender or religion. The ultimate aim of CBM is 'to pass on the love of Christ through words and actions.

Christian Blind Mission


MAF is a team of aviation and communication specialists overcoming barriers in support of more than 300 Christian and humanitarian organizations around the world. It was founded in 1945 by former World War II pilots who loved the Lord Jesus, loved flying, and wanted to see their two loves joined.

Mission Aviation Fellowship


An essential part of sharing the gospel message is to translate it into the languages that people understand. Wycliffe has had a part in translating the New Testament into over 500 minority languages. 1500 more translation projects are in progress, but 380,000,000 people in over 3000 language groups still wait for the Good News in their own languages.

Wycliffe Bible Translators


The Suffering Church
Persecution and martyrdom is not a thing of the past. In many countries being a Christian can lead to harassment, expulsion from the family, loss of employment or schooling, imprisonment, beatings, even death. 

Raising awareness of religious persecution towards Christians worldwide. The International day of Prayer this year is November 17th, 2002. Note that this site has much more in it than relates to a single day of prayer.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church


Open Doors works to provide and deliver Bibles, Christian literature, training and other helps to those living under restriction or persecution. It also motivates, mobilises and educates the Church in the free world to identify with and become more involved in assisting the Suffering Church. Open Doors UK has just launched a new interactive web-site. It's well worth putting on your Favourites list to keep up to date..

Open Doors


A Christian learning resource for schools. The main section is aimed at Key Stage 2, 3 and 4. Sections include: 'basics', 'do what?', 'festivals', 'churches', 'action', 'bible' and chatback.



has many useful tips on developing church web sites. Use the form below to subscribe to their fortnightly Web Evangelism Bulletin.


Images - Free Christian graphics for your web pages



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