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...The World is Our Parish

Advances in technology have allowed us to reach out to people as never before. The Internet is a prime example of this and people from around the world regularly join our local Church community here in Bedford and enjoy the love and warmth our services bring.

God has never been constrained by the border controls and the physical barriers which humankind is so preoccupied with, neither does God harbour predjudices against different races or religions. Neither do we, all are welcome to join us here and enjoy the happiness that only faith can bring.

You will find a substantial amount of material on the site, literally something for everyone.

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Most importantly, we are here for you, whenever you need us...

If you aren't already, join our congregation by visiting the website regularly, join in our prayers and listen to our services; alternatively, if you live local, join us in Church, we would love to see you.

ThisIsChurch.Com, bringing people and God together.